Partnership Forms Environmental Management System

 - April 29, 2009, 11:03 AM

JDA Aviation Technology Solutions of Bethesda, Md., has partnered with UK-based EQ2 to offer environmental measurement reporting and reduction services. The partnership will allow airlines, airports, manufacturers and MRO facilities to analyze information about environmental emissions and impacts and their relation to operating costs. Joe Del Balzo, JDA’s president, said, “We are offering a system that will provide the metrics to implement environmental reduction targets and mitigate future risk, including emissions and trading requirements. It will enable the aviation industry to shift to a sustainable business model while improving operating efficiency and protecting the environment. The system is complete in its approach, taking into account all operational aspects from ground to air.” With the pending EU proposal for including aviation in the EU emissions trading scheme, operators flying in and out of the EU could be regulated and required to pay for their CO2 emissions. According to the company, the system provides for real-time energy monitoring, compliance reporting, impact and emissions allocation and audit verification.