Report Asserts Hundreds of A&Ps Improperly Certified

 - April 29, 2009, 10:50 AM

Last week, Dallas television station WFAA-TV ran a two-part news story claiming hundreds of aircraft mechanics might have been improperly certified by FAA-approved testing centers as long ago as the early 1990s. “The FAA now admits 1,300 mechanics’ credentials may be in question,” it stated. Roland Herwig, a spokesman for the FAA, told AIN that the number refers to Tobias Aerospace in San Antonio. The FAA has been investigating Bryan Tobias, the owner of the now-defunct operation, since last September for failure to comply with FAA-designated mechanic examiner policy. Some people have been retested but progress is being hampered by the global dispersal of the technicians involved. The agency is also investigating other incidents. “The FAA successfully uses designees nationally to examine candidates for airframe and powerplant mechanic certification,” Herwig said. “Their effectiveness is seen in the overall safety of the system. We select carefully, monitor them and look for telltale signs of abuse. We identify and re-test, or withhold certification from, mechanic candidates improperly tested and we identify and offer up for prosecution any designee who violates this important trust.”