EBACE Convention News

Enflite brews up new galley tech

 - May 6, 2009, 12:01 PM

Aircraft cabin accessory producer Enflite (Booth No. 183) is on hand at EBACE to show off its line of business aircraft products. The Texas-based company is highlighting the newest additions to its galley products line, aimed at simplifying crew tasks.

For instance, its new computer-controlled coffee maker brews just over a liter and a half of coffee in seven minutes and features an LED indicator showing the status of the reservoir. A triple-redundant flow measurement system helps eliminate spills, while the electronically controlled water heater maintains brew temperatures. The unit features a separate hot-water spigot for tea, and a brew lock keeps the filter basket in place during operation cycles.

Another featured item in the line is Enflite’s hot beverage dispenser which has a removable tank with a standard capacity of 8.5 liters and weighs less than 5.5 kg. Custom-sized dispensers also are available.

Enflite recently augmented its production capabilities by moving into a new facility at the beginning of March. The Lifeport subsidiary’s production and capacity has increased by 100 percent over the last three years, and it also just received an ISO-9001:2008 certificate.