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Gulfstream Gets OK on ADS-C

 - May 6, 2009, 10:42 AM

Gulfstream Aerospace has received authorization from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to use automatic dependent surveillance-contract (ADS-C) for oceanic and remote area waypoint reporting. This will be the first application of the technology on purpose-built business jets.

ADS-C, which is a part of the future air navigation system (FANS), allows air traffic controllers to track an aircraft’s position based on information sent at predetermined intervals from its onboard sensors. The system can automatically report when the aircraft deviates from its cleared altitude and route, providing additional safety. ADS-C can also provide air traffic controllers with meteorological data from the aircraft’s sensors.

Last year, Gulfstream (Booth No. 7070) completed the first full FANS transatlantic flight using controller-pilot datalink communication (CPDLC) with ADS-C for a purpose-built business jet. ADS-C is presently available in the company’s PlaneView avionics system with certifications Delta and Echo, while it will be included with CPDLC in certification Foxtrot currently undergoing testing.