EBACE Convention News

Aircraft Maintenance Tracking Going Global

 - May 12, 2009, 2:57 AM

Avtrak (Booth No. 678) of Littleton, Colorado, and Component Control (Booth No. 988) of San Diego, California, are working to integrate the power of two of their software products to bring improved maintenance tracking to aircraft operators. Operators who use Component Control’s Quantum Control (a software application that combines aircraft maintenance, shop-floor control, inventory management, accounting, e-commerce, sales and invoicing) will soon be able to track maintenance requirements on their aircraft anywhere in the world using Avtrak’s GlobalNet (a Web-based tracking service).

“Maintenance requirement data will flow from Avtrak GlobalNet into the Quantum work order automatically, reducing the possibility of data-entry errors and increasing efficiency in the maintenance process,” said Todd Lewis, president of Component Control. “As the work is completed, Quantum will seamlessly update Avtrak GlobalNet, allowing Avtrak users to monitor the maintenance progress of their aircraft.” Said Avtrak CEO Joseph Hertzler, “We estimate maintenance personnel will save up to 36 hours per aircraft per year when using the Quantum/Avtrak integrated maintenance system.”