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Jet Republic Lears to get Euro touch

 - May 12, 2009, 2:48 AM

New fractional ownership provider Jet Republic is putting a decidedly European imprint on the interiors and entire cabin layouts of its 110 new Learjet 60XRs, with the blessing of manufacturer Bombardier.

Drawing on the creative expertise of respected aircraft interior designer Jose Luiz Monteiro, Jet Republic said the cabins of its Learjet 60XRs will be crafted by Europeans for Europeans.

“Instead of the ‘one suit fits all’ approach that most private jet interiors reflect, our Learjets will emanate an elegance that is more in keeping with the sophisticated taste of our European members,” said Jose Luiz, director of cabin design for Jet Republic. “I have applied the same attention to detail to this project that a jeweler would apply when crafting an intricate piece. My philosophy is that true elegance is the sum of all the details.”

Key elements include BlackBerry and iPod connectivity, an extra large galley with features that transform the cabin into a “flying restaurant,” and the Jet Republic “sleeper seat” which reclines, allowing members to unwind in front of the in-flight cinema or catch up on some rest.

“In the midsize jet market, for example, food tends to be self-service, cold and picnic-style, and the coffee being served has been prepared on the ground hours in advance,” said Jonathan Breeze, CEO of Jet Republic. “By redesigning the cabin layout, we are able to offer hot food served on porcelain plates and fresh Nespresso coffee courtesy of our specially designed IacobucciHF hot drinks machine. In effect, what we have been able to achieve by dictating the design of our cabins from the outset is large cabin service at midsize cabin prices.”

To make the best use of the space available, the company created its own dedicated layout, which centers on a lounge area with club seating arrangements and large tables. The seats have been specially designed to offer better comfort and reduced weight and are aesthetically integrated into the design.

The new layout means the cabin can accommodate an extra-large galley, which Jet Republic describes as the biggest and best equipped in the industry. “From warm cinnamon pastries and a fresh cappuccino to iced cocktails and a three-course hot dinner, this galley doesn’t compromise,” the company said. “It delivers a standard that might be taken for granted in the first-class section of an airliner but is almost unknown in a midsize executive jet.”

The lavatory also has been redesigned to maximize the available space. Bigger flat surfaces, a larger mirror and additional storage have transformed this area into a restroom that actually lives up to its name, according to Jet Republic.

Meanwhile, the company has recruited its first two senior captains in the first stage of its plan to hire more than 500 pilots over the next five years. Dave Simkin has joined the roster as chief instructor and Chris Humphrey has signed on as its first training captain.

Simkin spent nine years in the RAF followed by a further 20 years flying and instructing on the Airbus and B-777 fleets for British Airways.

Humphrey spent 35 years flying and instructing at British Airways, piloting nine different types of aircraft. He then helped Oasis Aviation set up operations as a senior training captain before joining Cityjet.