Dassault Launches “Falcon E-Forum” Online Seminar

 - May 13, 2009, 12:20 PM

Dassault Falcon recently hosted its first Falcon E-Forum. Some 32 Falcon 7X customers from the U.S., France, Mexico, Brazil, Switzerland and the UK took part in the first Internet-based session. The seminar was developed by the manufacturer to provide an exchange of information and best practices with Falcon operators. “Falcon’s E-Forum program is a cost-effective tool that’s flexible and interactive, and improves our responsiveness to customer feedback and information-sharing techniques,” said Frank Youngkin, Dassault’s vice president of customer service in the Western hemisphere. “E-Forums provide a medium to communicate in an interactive environment with Falcon operators on timely issues.” The company plans to offer the one-hour Falcon E-Forum regularly, with each session focusing on a specific topic of interest or Falcon model. Participation in a session requires an Internet connection, Microsoft Live Meeting software and a telephone to listen to the audio portion of the presentation. Attendees can listen to the presenter while simultaneously viewing presentation slides and other materials. Additionally, they can submit questions to experts from the Dassault Falcon team.