Price Induction Studying Contra-rotating Turbofan

 - May 21, 2009, 11:17 AM

French startup company Price Induction is studying an engine with a two-stage contra-rotating fan as a way to reduce fuel burn on very light jets. The Taor 380-1 would have a thrust of 720 pounds and cut fuel burn by 20 percent, compared with the company’s DGen 380 conventional turbofan engine. The latter claims a specific fuel consumption of 0.715. The Taor 380-1 would be suited to 4,400-pound-mtow aircraft, enabling speeds of 250 knots. A more powerful variant, the Taor 390-1, would supply 900 pounds of thrust for 5,500-pound-mtow aircraft with speeds of up to 260 knots. Meanwhile, the 30-employee firm is conducting ground testing of the DGen 380. Until July or August, the main focus is on improving internal aerodynamics. The first test campaign ended in 2007 after the engine ran 50 hours. Price Induction officials are now claiming to have raised enough funds to complete the DGen certification program, which has been delayed to mid-2011.