Dassault Seeks 40-percent Fuel Burn Cut by 2020

 - May 28, 2009, 10:30 AM

France-based Dassault is working to have ready for entry into service in 2020 technologies that would reduce Falcon business jet fuel burn by 40 percent from current in-production Falcons. Ten percent of the improvement would come from the engines’ specific fuel consumption, Dassault head of research Bruno Stoufflet said yesterday during a press briefing at the company’s Bordeaux factory. Carbon dioxide emissions, which are proportional to the aircraft’s fuel consumption, would thus also be cut by 40 percent. One area being explored by Dassault is an all-electric system architecture–eliminating pneumatic and hydraulic systems–that uses smaller power generators. Meanwhile, the noise footprint could also be halved, possibly by locating the engines above the horizontal tailplane. Additionally, Dassault is endeavoring to make production more efficient. Stoufflet said that manufacturing one Falcon 2000 creates 15 times its weight in waste, which has to be either recycled or scrapped.