FAA Issues Proposed Tire AD for Learjet 60

 - June 2, 2009, 11:37 AM

The FAA is proposing to issue an Airworthiness Directive requiring insertion of “revised procedures for servicing tires and checking for proper tire inflation” in Learjet 60/60XR maintenance and flight manuals. The AD would allow manuals that have already been updated with the latest information to meet the requirements, provided that information matches Learjet Temporary Revision 12-16 and Temporary Flight Manual Change 2009-03. Comments on the AD are due by July 13. The proposed AD appears to be a result of the Sept. 19, 2008, overrun crash of a Learjet 60. In that accident, the Learjet 60’s pilots attempted to abort the takeoff after reaching a speed of 136 knots, according to the NTSB. “The first piece of tire debris was observed at 2,300 feet from the departure end of the runway,” the NTSB reported. “Before reaching about 3,400 foot of remaining runway, the left and right main gear tire rims scarred the runway surface.” Since that accident, the FAA has not issued any advice to pilots about aborted-takeoff procedures. The NTSB has not released any information linking tire inflation problems with that accident. “This proposed AD results from a report of the main landing gear tires blowing out during a takeoff roll,” the FAA said.