Brazilian Startup Company To Enter VLJ Crowd

 - June 4, 2009, 12:33 PM

GP Aerospace, a startup company formed in São José dos Campos, Brazil, by former Embraer technical director Guido Pessotti, has unveiled to AIN plans for a so-called “personal light jet” that would be smaller than currently available very light jets. The GP-210 is built around two 740-pounds-thrust DGen390 turbofan engines, which are currently being developed by France-based Price Induction. The four-seater is to have a 4,300-pound mtow and a wingspan of 33 feet. It would cruise at up to 276 knots at 20,000 feet, with the operational ceiling being set at 25,000 feet. Price Induction is already ground testing a slightly less powerful version of the DGen engine. On its stand at the Paris Air Show later this month, the engine designer will have a 1/30th-scale mockup of the GP-210 on display. GP Aerospace engineer Stéphane Brand said his company is targeting piston aircraft pilots who want to upgrade for higher speed and better reliability at an affordable price. Pessotti formerly led Eviation, which has been trying to develop a very light twinjet based on the VisionAire Vantage design.