House Gives Aviation More Say In TSA Proposals

 - June 11, 2009, 6:30 AM

An amendment to the Transportation Security Administration Authorization Act approved last week will allow the aviation industry to review and provide input on TSA security proposals. The amendment to H.R.2200 limits the TSA’s ability to use Security Directives to circumvent the normal rulemaking process without taking into account operational impact or economic burden. It requires the TSA to operate within the framework of the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) when issuing new security proposals unless the agency determines that an imminent threat requires the agency to bypass the APA through the use of a Security Directive, as was done with security badging at commercial service airports that went into effect last week. One provision of H.R.2200 creates an Aviation Security Advisory Committee (ASAC) for aviation stakeholders and a “General Aviation Working Group” within the ASAC to give the GA community a forum to make recommendations on GA security proposals for TSA consideration. Another provision prohibits the TSA from outsourcing terror-watch list reviews to third parties, as proposed in the agency’s Large Aircraft Security Program, which would affect GA aircraft with an mtow of more than 12,500 pounds.