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L-3 Avionics Lawsuit Seeks $21.7M from Cirrus

 - June 16, 2009, 11:02 AM

Grand Rapids, Mich. L-3 Avionics Systems has filed a lawsuit seeking $18.7 million from Cirrus over the cancellation of an order for SmartDeck cockpit systems and an additional $3 million L-3 Avionics claims it is owed for Stormscope and other stand-alone products. L-3 had been selected as the avionics development partner for the Cirrus Vision SJ50 jet single, but Cirrus in March announced a Garmin cockpit would be used in the production version of that airplane. In the lawsuit, L-3 says Cirrus signed a contract to purchase 350 SmartDeck systems to install on new-production Cirrus SR22s, but later reneged on the deal by partnering with Garmin on the Perspective cockpit. L-3 says Cirrus then agreed to go ahead with the purchase of 75 SmartDeck systems, but in December asked that L-3 not ship the systems because of a slowdown in aircraft orders. L-3 sent Cirrus a bill for $18.7 million in February to cover SmartDeck development costs. Cirrus allegedly replied that it owed L-3 only $3.5 million–the stated purchase price for the 75 systems. Cirrus has until July 7 to respond to the lawsuit claims. Neither company would comment on the suit.