AircraftLogs Adds Maintenance Features

 - June 17, 2009, 11:59 AM

Features added to the online aircraft tracking system AircraftLogs include a new meter-reading capability that allows users to update and adjust Hobbs and tachometer readings with one entry. Users can now also update hours and cycles using the edit components button on the maintenance control panel, a “significant improvement over the prior method,” according to AircraftLogs. For owner-pilots, Hobbs or tachometer times can now be updated from the pilot logbook instead of only from the trip sheet. The improved software can also record engine swaps and retain historical information, a feature that requires contact with AircraftLogs product support specialists. Trip sheets now will show total time in service for airframes and engines. And for maintainers using AircraftLogs, the maintenance labels function now allows users to select label size so that more lines of text can be written. Also new is the ability to print multiple labels on one page, eliminating wasted labels and taking up less space in paper logbooks, according to AircraftLogs.