Dassault Cutbacks To Have Limited Effect on Workers

 - June 25, 2009, 12:06 PM

France’s Dassault Aviation has signed an agreement with three out of four unions for a part-time working arrangement planned from September to February next year. Unlike most actions taken by business aircraft manufacturers since the beginning of the crisis last September, this one, affecting 3,000 employees, will have a limited impact on salaries. Factories involved in Falcon business jet production–located in Argenteuil, Biarritz, Martignas and Seclin, France–will close between five and eight days per month during the six-month period. Raymond Ducrest, central representative for the CFDT union, told AIN that this should translate into a net 3- to 5-percent cut in wages, thanks in part to national unemployment insurance. Moreover, salary raises for senior executives will be postponed. According to Ducrest, the company is now targeting a monthly production rate close to five Falcons. This number is consistent with the official goal of delivering about 80 Falcons this year, as about 20 of them had been manufactured late last year. One year ago, Dassault was working on ramping up production to more than 10 aircraft per month.