Changes for Internet-Based FAA AMT Awards

 - July 8, 2009, 10:23 AM

The 17-year-old FAA Aviation Maintenance Awards Program has undergone a major change. According to the FAA Safety Team’s (FAASTeam) latest issue of Nuts and Bolts, the program is now administered online. Using accident causal factors, the FAA has developed appropriate training courses to mitigate risk and reduce accidents. Maintenance personnel wishing to participate in the program will be required to register online at and take designated on-line core training. It is a significant departure from the existing program, which gives credit for live training often conducted by the employer. The FAA says it made the change to “bring accidents down” by focusing on data-based causal factors rather than the previously acceptable wide range of subject matter. There are also changes to the employer award, and budgetary constraints have prompted the FAA to drop funding for the lapel pin award. Instead, the SAE Institute has agreed to fund a decal with the year of the award. For additional information see Advisory Circular AC65-25E William (Bill) O’Brien Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards Program.