CRS Delivers 75th STC Replacement Generator

 - July 15, 2009, 12:53 PM

Saving money is a higher priority than ever before, so there’s good news for Learjet 35 and 55 operators. CRS Jet Spares has completed its 75th STC replacement generator transaction. The Power of Blue generator was installed on a Learjet 35, bringing the company’s count up to numbers 75 and 76. The A3579-000 STC PMA replacement generators went to an unnamed fleet operator located in South America. “During these challenging economic times, operators are evaluating the return on their investment very closely,” Armando Leighton Jr., the company’s president, said. “We’re seeing customers putting heavy emphasis on scrutinizing flying schedules as well as their maintenance history and costs.” According to Leighton, the generator provides increased reliability and advanced technology over the existing generator by tripling the time between overhauls. The aftermarket STC replacement bumps the overhaul schedule from 1,050 hours to 3,000 hours. CRS is currently negotiating with several fleet operators of Learjet 35s and 55s in the hopes of placing more generators on aircraft throughout the coming year.