ODA Approval Goes To StandardAero

 - July 22, 2009, 8:05 AM

StandardAero has received Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) Organization Designation Authorization (ODA) at its Springfield, Ill. location. The designation allows the company to approve design data, tests and analysis as well as make a finding of compliance to the regulations allowing them to sign an STC on behalf of the FAA for aircraft alterations. StandardAero Springfield is the first ODA approval issued by the FAA’s Chicago Aircraft Certification Office.

The new ODA designation replaces Designated Alterations Stations (DAS) with the intention of helping the FAA reduce its workload by shifting more responsibility to industry. To qualify for an ODA, the organization must already hold a DAS approval in good standing with the FAA, and employ a qualified ODA administrator and staff to make findings of compliance to the regulations.

“We’re proud to receive the first STC-Organization Designation Authorization from the Chicago Aircraft Certification Office,” Harvey Ticlo, senior vice president for business aviation, told AIN. “As an alternative to FAA-direct certification services, StandardAero will be able to deliver considerably shorter STC certification times, as short as 45 to 60 days. It allows a dramatic reduction in down time, gives us more control over STC approvals and allows us to substantially reduce a certification schedule.”

As part of the ODA, StandardAero uses a team of experienced engineers, technologists, pilots and other industry professionals who provide design and certification services leading to the issuance of STCs for alterations and modifications on a broad range of aerospace products. StandardAero offers complete interiors, engine retrofits, airframe modifications, cabin entertainment systems, glass cockpits and other major avionics upgrades on most transport-category aircraft models and most turbine-powered aircraft weighing less than 12,500 pounds under the ODA.

“The new ODA is not tied solely to our FAA repair station in Springfield, which allows us to broaden the certification work we can perform to aircraft that are located at approved facilities anywhere around the world,” Ticlo said. “We have a number of eagerly anticipated opportunities who are anxious to get started now that we have ODA authorization.