Honeywell Adds ACE EFB to AV8OR Handheld Line

 - July 28, 2009, 10:50 AM

Honeywell on Sunday introduced a new handheld EFB navigator with a large seven-inch touchscreen display and geo-referenced IFR charts. The AV8OR ACE uses the same interface as the 4.3-inch-display AV8OR, which was introduced last year, but adds EFB Class I or II capability with own-ship position displayed on IFR en route (high and low altitude), SID, Star, approach and airport charts. The ACE weighs just 1.25 pounds with the standard 4,000-mAh battery installed and adds new functionality, with hardware buttons complementing the touchscreen. A full chart subscription (28-day cycle) costs $399 per year, and an optional Flight Guide airport information subscription is available for $99.95 annually. Users can display information in landscape or portrait mode. The ACE also offers traffic information via interface with a Zaon XRX and XM weather using a separate WxWorx Bluetooth receiver. Retail price of the AV8OR ACE is $1,995 and for the WxWorx receiver about $460 (bundled discount price).