NetJets Europe Cuts Pilot Duty Days

 - August 4, 2009, 2:00 PM

NetJets Europe has achieved its goal of reducing flight crew capacity by 60,000 pilot duty days per year in response to declining demand for its fractional ownership and block charter services. The reductions were made after a three-month consultation process that resulted in significant numbers of flight crew taking one of the following five options: a long- or short-term leave of absence; job sharing; part-time work; or voluntary layoff/retirement. The company has avoided the need for any compulsory layoffs/retirements. The most popular option, chosen by 381 pilots (almost 40 percent of the total payroll of 966 pilots), was job sharing. This involves teaming two pilots, each of whom works one-year-on and one-year-off over a four-year period. Another 87 pilots agreed to take voluntary layoff/retirement. The pilots who elected to stay with the company have remained under NetJets Europe employment contracts and are not permitted to work for direct competitors while not working directly for NetJets.