FAA To Retest 1,400 Mechanics

 - August 5, 2009, 12:20 PM

The FAA plans to retest 1,400 people who passed the A&P written, oral and practical exams at Tobias Aerospace Services, an airplane mechanic testing facility in San Antonio. Tobias was shut down by the FAA last fall and the agency pulled owner Bryan Tobias’s FAA-designated examiner status; he denies any wrongdoing. “The FAA decided to require the mechanics be retested after an investigation raised serious concerns about the quality and adequacy of tests administered by Mr. Tobias,” FAA manager for the Southwest Region flight standards division Mike Zenkovich told AIN. “The vast majority of these mechanics graduated from reputable schools and training programs, but we have no confidence that the tests they received were adequately conducted.” According to Zenkovich, the FAA is unable to determine which mechanics received substandard tests, so the agency is taking the safest course and requiring everyone tested at the facility to retake the tests. The agency is currently sending letters to all affected mechanics, many of whom are potentially already employed; they will have 30 days to contact the FAA to arrange a testing time. Failure to comply will result in certificate revocation.