MTU and General Electric Team On Repair

 - August 5, 2009, 12:28 PM

Going against the common practice of replacing rather than repairing, MTU Aero Engines has teamed with General Electric to make repairs more cost effective for the operator. “It is common for maintenance facilities to use new parts to replace worn or damaged ones, but we prefer to repair. Our technicians can restore even heavily worn components to as-good-as-new condition,” said Dr. Stefan Weingartner, the company’s president and CEO of commercial maintenance. MTU has teamed with GE Aviation to develop new repair practices and procedures for GE engine components. “For MTU, this is the first agreement of this type that we have signed with one of the OEMs,” Weingartner said. The agreement is not restricted to specific GE engine types or to any specific GE engine assembly. “The agreement is for a term of ten years and stipulates the new jointly developed repair procedures will be approved as OEM repairs and marketed by GE,” he said.