FAA Issues SAIB for Western Aircraft Propeller

 - August 19, 2009, 11:02 AM

A Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB NE-09-48) has been issued regarding propellers, or propeller component parts, repaired, inspected or overhauled by Western Aircraft Propeller Service of Troutdale, Ore. It is based on field service difficulty reports concerning two Hartzell propellers installed on a Hawker Beechcraft Baron E55. “We evaluated the propellers based on an owner’s complaint that his propellers were improperly overhauled. At this time, the airworthiness concern is not an unsafe condition that would warrant airworthiness directive (AD) action,” it states. According to the SAIB, the propellers were removed and sent to another propeller repair station for evaluation and then to Hartzell Propeller for further examination. Numerous nonconformities were found in both instances. The FAA further discovered several problems with the Western Aircraft Propeller Service facility, including used propeller parts in stock that had been returned to service with FAA 8130-3 forms as “overhauled,” “reconditioned” or “inspected” without reference or traceability to any FAA accepted standards. The FAA recommends operators who have had work done by Western Aircraft Propeller Service have it reinspected in accordance with the applicable propeller manufacturer’s published ICA documentation. Two requests by AIN to Western Aircraft Propeller Service for an interview went unanswered.