FSDO Accused Of Paying Inspector To Stay At Home

 - August 26, 2009, 10:48 AM

The Professional Aviation Safety Specialists (Pass) AFL-CIO union alleges that the FAA’s San Antonio Flight Standards District Office ordered an FAA aviation safety inspector to stay home with full pay rather than perform his duties while management attended a meeting in Washington, D.C. Tom Hennessee was ordered by FSDO manager Randy Loveless to stand down during the manager’s absence. Frank Gentile, regional business agent for Pass, said Hennessee is a principal operations inspector doing certificate management on air carriers and has been with the FAA “for a long time.” Gentile told AIN that Loveless and Charlie Hamilton, Hennessee’s supervisor, create a “hostile work environment” and have a history of micromanaging inspectors. Gentile said that when the managers had to go to a meeting in Washington they decided Hennessee was “too rogue” and couldn’t be left alone in the office, so they sent him home with pay. A spokesman for the FAA’s Southwest Region in Fort Worth told AIN, “We disagree with the union’s characterization of the situation but we’re unable to get into specifics because it is a confidential personnel issue.”