Honeywell Gets FAA OK for Runway Safety Systems

 - September 17, 2009, 11:18 AM

Honeywell yesterday received TSO approval for SmartRunway and SmartLanding, which are both software upgrades for the company’s Mark V and Mark VII enhanced ground proximity warning systems (EGPWS) that can help reduce runway excursions and incursions. The systems require just one hour of aircraft downtime for installation and minimal pilot training, Honeywell said. SmartRunway, the next generation of the avionics manufacturer’s five-year-old Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS), provides pilots with visual and aural alerts about runway and taxi locations to help them avoid runway incursions. The updated system offers two additional advisories over RAAS, as well as visual advisories, Honeywell said. RAAS is currently installed on 1,470 business aircraft. SmartLanding–a totally new product–warns pilots of unstable approaches and long landings, thereby curbing runway excursions. According to Honeywell, SmartLanding can break the chain of events that can lead to a runway excursion event by notifying pilots through aural and/or visual alerts if the aircraft has not met established safety criteria on approach, to help prevent the aircraft from landing too hard or exiting the runway from the end or the sides.