Air Charter Best Practices Guide Released by NBAA

 - September 22, 2009, 1:56 PM

NBAA last week released best-practices guidelines for charter brokers that outline the regulatory environment in which air-charter brokers work, along with business-practice recommendations to benefit air-charter consumers, operators and brokers alike. While noting that air-charter brokers play an “important role” for customers with on-demand, Part 135 charter providers, NBAA also points out that, unlike Part 135 operators, “brokers are not plainly and comprehensively regulated.” In the course of their work, brokers encounter a number of federal and state agencies that may have jurisdiction over their businesses, and NBAA’s guidelines–“NBAA Best Practices for Air Charter Brokering”–help brokers navigate regulatory requirements and develop best practices. CharterX Wyvern, an air-charter “marketplace,” quickly endorsed the guidelines. “We applaud NBAA’s efforts to promote best practices within the air-charter brokering community,” said CharterX Wyvern CEO Jim Betlyon. “Encouraging [brokers] to incorporate safety due diligence into their day-to-day operations will only serve to elevate safety in our industry.” Wyvern also said it offers services that can help brokers quickly and easily implement many of the best practices in the NBAA guide.