NBAA Convention News

Aero Specialties highlights new ground-support offerings

 - October 14, 2009, 9:00 AM

Aero Specialties of Boise, Idaho, which manufactures its own line of ground-support equipment (GSE) and distributes equipment from other manufacturers, is showing six new GSE products here (Booth No. 1811). Two of them are manufactured by Aero Specialties and the others by Eagle Tugs, TLD, JetGo and Wainbee.

The two Aero Specialties’ products are a service cart for oxygen and nitrogen bottles and two different towbar heads for use with the Embraer Phenom 100 very light jet. The two-bottle service cart, which can be towed by vehicle or moved by a person, is small enough to pass through any commercial doorway; its low profile and center of gravity make it suitable for under-wing servicing of smaller airplanes, according to the company. The cart’s easy-loading platform tilts, rotates and locks into place to provide stability.

The EMB100 towbar head fits towbars built by Aero Specialties, Ohio-based Tronair and other manufacturers, while the AD-EMB100 towbar head fits into Aero Specialties’ multi-use Scorpion towbar–also on display at the company’s NBAA exhibit.

On behalf of Eagle Tugs of Potters Bar, UK, Aero Specialties is showing the Eagle eTT-12 DBP aircraft tug. Based on Eagle’s TT-series of gas, LPG and diesel tugs, the electrically powered eTT-12 can tow up to 180,000 pounds. It features all-wheel drive and steering, an AC electric drive and a rapid-charge battery. Aero Specialties is Eagle’s exclusive distributor to FBOs and corporate flight departments in the U.S. Eagle Tugs’ North American office is in Taylor, Mich.

Aero Specialties is also the exclusive U.S. distributor for the TLD Group, which is headquartered in France, has other major offices in Windsor, Conn., and Hong Kong, and manufacturing facilities in France, China, Taiwan and the U.S. Here at NBAA, Aero Specialties is showing a new TLD diesel-powered GPU.
The model 4060-T-CUP GPU is claimed to run nearly silently, even when at peak load. The model is available in 60-KVA/400-Hz units, 28.5-volt-DC units, or a combination of AC and DC. Aero Specialties says it keeps several 4060-T-CUP GPUs in its rolling inventory.

Australia-based JetGo manufactures another diesel-powered GPU that Aero Specialties distributes. This 28.5-volt-DC GPU (Model 550M) is designed primarily for smaller business aircraft, such as turboprops and light to midsize jets. The unit’s generator produces a steady 550 amps of 28-volt continuous power, while its diesel engine (certified to EPA Tier 4 and Euro Stage IIIA emission levels) burns just one gallon per hour.

Completing Aero Specialties’ display of new international products is an Aero-Wainbee hydraulic power cart. Dubbed the HMA, the power cart is the result of a joint-effort by Mississauga, Ontario-based Wainbee and Aero Specialties to produce hydraulic mules for business and commercial aviation. Aero Specialties will be the exclusive worldwide distributor of the carts, which are designed and built to the same exacting standards as the units Wainbee currently produces for its aerospace customers.

Aero Specialties is also showing numerous other products it manufactures, as well as Dallas-based Unitron’s line of solid-state, mobile frequency converters.