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Audit firm lauds NBAA’s guide on best practices

 - October 14, 2009, 9:28 AM

CharterX Wyvern has endorsed the NBAA’s recently published NBAA Best Practices for Air Charter Brokering. The NBAA’s best-practices protocols include operational guidelines and safety oversight procedures.

“We applaud NBAA’s efforts to promote best practices within the air charter brokering community,” said Jim Betlyon, CEO of CharterX Wyvern (Booth No. 3831), which is based in Trenton, N.J., and provides charter market data and audit programs. “Brokers play a significant role in the operation of the U.S. air charter market, and encouraging them to incorporate safety due diligence into their day-to-day operations will only serve to elevate safety in our industry.”

The NBAA committee that formulated the best practices included representatives from several Wyvern-authorized brokers, including Exclusive Air, The Flight Department, OneSky Jets and World Class Charters. With its endorsement, CharterX Wyvern will amend its Wyvern authorized broker program to include the NBAA guidelines. Betlyon noted that CharterX Wyvern has long worked to make safety a primary focus in the charter broker community, investing heavily in developing its safety intelligence report and the pilot and aircraft safety survey (SIR/PASS). The SIR platform updates information on each charter operator, aircraft and pilot on a daily basis. The PASS system can help brokers meet the NBAA trip due diligence guidelines, including verification of operator and aircraft certification, confirmation of insurance coverage and validation of pilot type ratings, hours and medical status. PASS also provides brokers with verification of a charter operator’s Wyvern audit status, which NBAA recommends be completed on a trip-by-trip basis.

“We are proud that the NBAA has recognized Wyvern as a key tool in the implementation of safety due diligence procedures for brokers,” Betlyon said.
The NBAA Best Practices for Air Charter Brokering can be downloaded from NBAA’s Charter broker Web page: