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Concorde Battery STC’d for challenger

 - October 14, 2009, 10:01 AM

Bombardier Challenger 300 operators now have a choice of replacing the jet’s original nickel-cadmium main ship battery with a new Concorde RG-441 lead-acid battery. The FAA has awarded Concorde (Booth No. 2039) a supplemental type certificate (STC No. ST01488WI) for installation of the RG-441 lead-acid battery. The company also holds an FAA parts manufacturer approval (PMA) for the TS-C3-type 5-0123 temperature sensor used for the lead-acid installation on the Challenger 300. The temperature sensor is required by the Challenger 300’s starting system, according to a spokesman.

The new RG-441 lead-acid battery is another in Concorde’s valve-regulated series of recombinant-gas batteries featuring low-impedance absorbed glass mat technology. According to the company, “Unlike nickel cadmium batteries, thermal runaway is not a characteristic” in valve-regulated lead-acid batteries, “and expensive deep cycling is not required.”

The 24-volt RG-441 features a 44 ampere-hour rated capacity. The sealed RG-441 needs no water replenishment. Regular maintenance includes an initial check at 12 months or 600 hours and ongoing checks at four months or 200 hours.