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Honeywell’s SmartRunway, SmartLanding Are TSO’d

 - October 14, 2009, 5:41 AM

Honeywell’s new SmartRunway and SmartLanding technologies have received FAA Technical Standard Order approval. The approval clears the way for installation of the new products as software upgrades to the company’s Mark V and Mark VII enhanced ground proximity warning system (EGPWS). Installation takes one hour, according to a spokesman.

SmartRunway is an extension of Honeywell’s runway awareness and advisory system (RAAS) and provides both visual and aural alerts about the aircraft’s position on runways using data from the EGPWS database. SmartLanding also provides aural and visual alerts to warn pilots if the airplane is not within specified safety criteria on approach, which will help prevent runway excursions. RAAS is installed on more than 200 transport and 1,470 business aircraft, according to Honeywell. Boeing is to offer SmartRunway as an option on the 747-8 and 777 and the 737 in early 2010.