NBAA Convention News

Passur promotes flight data line

 - October 14, 2009, 6:32 AM

Flight-tracking and data provider Passur Aerospace is here at NBAA promoting its full line of flight information products, anchored by a database of decision-making software powered by a growing international network of passive radars at more than 110 airports worldwide.

The company (Booth No. 4619) offers both information and decision algorithms to supply air traffic “solutions” to more than 50 airports, dozens of airlines and, most notably to attendees of this NBAA convention, more than 200 corporate aviation customers. However, those solutions offer a “twist.” Passur can track aircraft blocked by the FAA/NBAA block-aircraft-registration-request program by means of its network of “passive radars” (which detect transponder signals). The company has also created and implemented collaborative Web-based software that allows customers to share information instantly to improve individual and joint decision making.

One example of this information-sharing is Passur’s FBO software, which combines its flight-tracking solution with marketing tools that help FBOs reach out to new customers, as well as fuel volume calculation tools that allow them to maximize fuel sales.

This year, growth in subscriptions and revenue hasn’t translated into rising operating profits, in large part because of a decline in the number of Passur systems added to the network as well as a decrease in the capitalization of manufacturing costs. Meanwhile, net income fell in the third quarter of this year and for the nine months ending July 31, 2009, due to higher costs related to long-term financing.

Passur Aerospace recently announced total revenues for third quarter 2009 rose some 17 percent, to $2,336,000, compared with $1,998,000 in the same quarter of the previous fiscal year. Nevertheless, income from operations for the third quarter fell approximately 19 percent, to $228,000, compared with $282,000 in the same quarter a year earlier.