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Luma Tech brings LED to King Air cockpits

 - October 19, 2009, 1:57 PM

Luma Technologies (Booth No. 3583) has introduced a suite of integrated LED displays for King Airs. The product is designed to replace aging and problematic incandescent caution/warning panels.

Currrent OEM panels, according to Luma, are based on a traditional legacy-style design dating back to the general aviation boom in the mid-1960s when the King Air and other well-known aircraft first came into being, and little has changed over the years. The main benefit of Luma’s all-LED system is increased safety and pilot awareness through elimination of burned-out lamps and subsequent need for bulb replacements.

“All things being equal,” said Luma president Bruce Maxwell, “you should never have to replace another lamp or take another lamp-related delay again.”

Luma’s offering is a single, integrated unit for either the glareshield or center-console positions, with an attractive singular cast legend plate covering the LEDs. Each unit is basically a plug-and-play replacement display head for both the upper and lower positions.