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Emteq SkyPro cabin system goes HiDef

 - October 20, 2009, 8:42 AM

Emteq (Booth No. 2289) is unveiling “Easy HD” for its SkyPro and other manufacturers’ cabin management systems (CMS). The system provides high-definition (HD) components that work independently of an aircraft’s existing CMS and requires little or no modification of the CMS. It replaces existing analog bulkhead monitors with SkyPro HD monitors sized from 10.4 to 64 inches.

A variety of digital media can be accessed from the SkyPro HD media player or existing analog source equipment. Easy HD can also be mated to existing cabin sound systems or the SkyPro speaker and digital sound options.  Emteq’s SkyPro and HD components were recently selected for the HondaJet.

The HondaJet system will include HD touch-screen monitors with audio-video on-demand (AVOD), SkyShow Interactive 3-D HD moving map and cabin control, including Emteq lighting that is adjustable via the passenger seat touch screens.

Easy HD packages include six basic options: stand-alone HD without integration; audio integration to the current CMS system; audio and video integration to the current system; audio and video plus AVOD integration to the current system; audio and video integration to the current system plus SkyShow; and current system audio and video integration plus AVOD and SkyShow.

The system can also be customized with customer-driven touch-screen graphics and a variety of components and features from wireless remotes, noise-canceling headset ports, Dolby digital 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, satcom capability and Elements seat heaters.

Emteq has also developed a variety of cabin-power technologies, including plug-presence detection, inverters and ground-fault interrupter. Many jets are flying today with Emteq’s seat power outlets systems.