Falcon Transitioning To E-Maintenance Program

 - October 20, 2009, 1:28 PM

Dassault Falcon recently completed testing of its new Falcon E-Maintenance program, which will allow Dassault’s Falcon technical center and service centers (both factory and authorized) to access an airplane’s central maintenance computer and remotely troubleshoot and diagnose issues through a maintenance laptop provided by Dassault. The maintenance laptop connects the aircraft maintenance team, the service center and Falcon technical center to work on one common communication platform that supports both audio and video. From that platform all three can share documents, transfer files and organize video conference meetings. Maintenance technicians can also remotely access the aircraft’s central maintenance computer through the program. The Falcon E-Maintenance program goes beyond simple data broadcast, improving the team’s chances of anticipating an AOG unscheduled maintenance event and enabling real-time notification, troubleshooting and parts ordering and delivery. According to Cyril MacGarry, director of customer service technical support, “Our objective is to start deploying the maintenance computers to factory-owned and -authorized service centers in early 2011.” Each new aircraft will then be delivered with an E-maintenance computer as standard equipment, he said.