Maximum Manuals Offers Same-day MEL

 - October 20, 2009, 1:27 PM

Maximum Manuals has launched an Internet-based minimum equipment list (MEL) generator that provides same-day MELs customized to the individual client and aircraft. “We provide MELs for most business aircraft and can get your MEL finished and to the FAA for approval in one day,” Maximum Manuals president Doug Taylor told AIN. Clients log onto the company’s Web site ( and create an account to get started. Once an account is set up, Taylor said, the client chooses aircraft and manual preference, supplies the system with some standard aircraft information, completes the payment section and submits the manual for completion. “Our system will alert the client that his manual is ready for download within a couple of hours,” Taylor said. He added that now, instead of waiting a week to 10 days for the development of an MEL to submit to the FSDO for approval, “your MEL is ready in three hours and in the hands of your FAA inspector.”