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Safe Flight system enhances Kodiak’s STOL capability

 - October 21, 2009, 9:54 AM

Safe Flight Instrument (Booth No. 5130) has been selected to provide the speed-control system for Quest’s Kodiak turbine single.

The Safe Flight system consists of a heated wing-mounted lift transducer connected to a special computer. Designed to be a next-generation stall-warning system, the setup provides continuous information to the pilots about the airplane’s flight profile, integrated onto the primary flight display to provide constant fast/slow indications to the crew.

In recent flight tests, the speed-control system was shown to improve pilot performance. “Flight with speed control enabled me to land the aircraft, come to a complete stop and take off again in an astonishing 750 feet,” said Quest chief test pilot Kenny Stidham.

The Kodiak is a 10-place, single-engine turboprop designed with STOL characteristics. “Every knot of extra speed means more runway for rollout,” Stidham said. “The speed-control system is so essential” for the Kodiak’s intended mission.

Safe Flight offers speed control with standalone angle-of-attack and fast/slow indexers.