Stevens Adds Learjet 60 to Lear4Ever Line

 - October 21, 2009, 10:48 AM

Stevens Aviation yesterday at the NBAA Convention introduced the newest addition to its Lear4Ever line: the Lear 60 Business Liner. At the heart of the Lear 60 Business Liner is the Universal Avionics EFI-890R multifunction display. According to Jim Williams, Stevens’ v-p of avionics sales, it is the first synthetic-vision system for the Learjet and includes terrain awareness, onboard charting and datalink weather graphics–all presented in high-definition color. Stevens has also incorporated the Universal FMS/Waas/LPV system, which will allow the Business Liner access to airports under “more demanding conditions than any other aircraft in its class with a fully certified LPV 3-D coupled navigation system.” The aircraft upgrade also includes a cabin refresh that comprises new interior panels, full-cabin LED lighting, Aircell high-speed airborne Internet and a hi-def cabin entertainment system. Price is about $4.9 million (about $10 million less than a new Learjet 60XR), and the downtime required for conversion is about two months.