NBAA Convention News

Crane System Holds Up to the Pressure

 - October 22, 2009, 9:10 AM

Crane Aerospace and Electronics (Booth No. 2810) of Redmond, Wash., is demonstrating its SmartStem system for wireless sensing of tire pressure and temperature. SmartStem uses a sensor built into a tire’s inflation stem to detect pressure, temperature and other stored information. The sensor sends this data to a control unit onboard the aircraft or to a handheld reader. Crane is also showing its new hand-held reader and tire data management software. The system has been flying on the Boeing 777 since May 2007 and is being developed for the Boeing 787. Cessna has selected the SmartStem for aftermarket installation on the Citation Sovereign and Citation X, and it will soon be available on other business
aircraft. It is also being field-evaluated on the F-16 fighter.