NBAA Convention News

JSSI reflects on its 20 years

 - October 22, 2009, 9:03 AM

JSSI, the hourly-cost airframe and engine maintenance provider, is marking 20 years since its founding and 20 years displaying at the NBAA Conventions. Company president and CEO Louis Seno took a moment to reflect on the changes he’s seen in aircraft maintenance programs over that span.

“When we started, there was only one competitor: Honeywell and its MSP [maintenance service plan],” Seno told NBAA Convention News. Now, he noted all engine OEMs offer fixed-price engine-service plans covering scheduled and unscheduled maintenance needs. Enrollment in OEM aftermarket service plans is often touted as adding value to an aircraft, but according to the company’s executive vice president and general counsel, Susan Marr, the Aircraft Bluebook now recognizes the JSSI service plan as adding value to a pre-owned aircraft equal to that of an OEM maintenance program.

JSSI doesn’t do any wrench turning itself, but has agreements with OEM and factory-authorized service centers around the world. Seno attributes the perceived quality of its aftermarket services in part to its global network of tech reps, who act as advocates for customers at maintenance facilities whenever work is required on their aircraft. JSSI currently has about 3,200 engines and 200 airframes on its guaranteed cost maintenance programs, Seno said.