Skytech Celebrates Opening of New Service Center

 - December 2, 2009, 11:33 AM

Skytech, which has long been based at Martin State Airport in Baltimore, has moved its maintenance facility to Carroll County Airport in Westminster, Md. Skytech has also opened a new FBO at Carroll County, which is outside the Washington, D.C., special flight rules area and thus much easier for customers to operate from. The new service facility consists of a 10,000-sq-ft hangar with an attached 7,000-sq-ft building with an avionics shop, back shops, offices and employee locker rooms and lounge. Skytech also has its aircraft sales department in another 12,500-sq-ft hangar, although the company is maintaining a sales presence at Martin State. “The conventional wisdom in difficult economic times is to hold back, make cuts and generally contain costs,” said Skytech president John Foster. “While all of that makes sense on one level, it doesn’t hold water if it means cutting back on customer support and service. At Skytech, we are conservative, except when it comes to our customers, and that’s the thinking behind our new facility here.”