JSSI Moves To Increase Effectiveness in Europe

 - January 7, 2010, 4:48 AM

“In February 2009 we were forced to implement a 15-percent reduction in staff company-wide,” Lou Seno, president and CEO of Jet Support Services (JSSI), told AIN. “That reduction included a few of our European administrative personnel in Luxembourg; however, we are as committed as ever to our presence in Europe.” Seno said about one third of JSSI’s business is in Europe. “We have approximately 400 JSSI contracts being serviced by 20 engine and/or airframe service providers in Europe,” he said. “Despite the economy, we are not pulling back; in fact, we are currently seeking talented, experienced technical representatives and client services representatives to work for us in Europe.” Seno said the company gradually reduced usage of the Luxembourg office after staff reductions and closed it at the end of December. “We closed our Luxembourg office for strategic reasons. It wasn’t in a business aviation center; it didn’t promote contact with our customers,” he said. The company expects to open a new office by the middle of this year. He said it will be “a true business aviation center located on a business aviation airport.”