Linear Air, High Performance Team on Eclipse Training

 - January 12, 2010, 12:23 PM

Eclipse 500 air-taxi operator Linear Air and High Performance Aircraft Training (HPAT) yesterday announced that they have partnered to provide Eclipse 500 pilot training under Linear Air’s FAA-approved Eclipse training program. Linear Air will continue to offer pilot training at its facility at Hanscom Airport in Bedford, Mass., either in an owner/operator’s airplane or in one of Linear Air’s. Meanwhile, High Performance will offer on-site training, allowing Eclipse pilots the option to train at their home airport. HPAT can also provide the upset training required before entering Eclipse type rating training in its L-39 aerobatic jet. Linear Air’s Eclipse 500 training program is authorized under FAR Part 61 and FAA Advisory Circular AC 61-137, which specifically addresses the unique training requirements of the very light jet. All Eclipse 500 pilots must receive initial training to fly the Eclipse, mentor training to fly single-pilot and ongoing recurrent training at either six- or 12-month intervals, depending on pilot experience.