NTSB Expands Accident/Incident Reporting Rules

 - January 12, 2010, 12:20 PM

Effective March 8, the NTSB is amending its reporting requirements for aviation incidents to include whenever an airliner lands or departs on an incorrect runway; when damage to a helicopter’s tail or main rotor blade necessitates major repair or replacement; when all or part of a propeller blade separates from an aircraft, except when ground contact was the sole cause; and failure of any internal turbine engine component that results in the escape of debris other than out the exhaust path. The final rule further requires reporting any complete loss of information, excluding flickering, from more than 50 percent of an aircraft’s cockpit displays known as electronic flight information systems, engine indicating and crew alerting systems, electronic centralized aircraft monitors or other displays of this type, which generally include a primary flight display, primary navigation display and other integrated displays. Also reportable are loss of airborne collision resolution advisories when operating IFR or in class A airspace.