EMS Satcom Now a Unit of EMS Aviation

 - January 21, 2010, 11:01 AM

Recent acquisitions by EMS Technologies have created an identity problem for subsidiary EMS Satcom of Ottawa, Canada. As a result, the aero division has been reorganized and folded into a new business group called EMS Aviation. The purchases by EMS Technologies of EMS Formation, a supplier of technology for Aircell’s high-speed Internet service, and EMS Sky Connect, a maker of Iridium satcom hardware, have expanded the reach of the aero division, necessitating the name change and business realignment, said EMS Technologies president and CEO Neil Mackay. “Through EMS Aviation, we can now address connectivity markets for virtually any aircraft, from helicopters and military airplanes to business jets and airliners.” After completing the acquisitions last year of Formation, based in Moorestown, N.J., and Sky Connect in Takoma Park, Md., EMS Technologies started consolidating overhead and administrative functions to reduce costs. The new units then began working with EMS Satcom on joint business opportunities as they became familiar with one another’s people, products and capabilities. EMS Technologies has appointed Nim Evatt, formerly the general manager of EMS Formation, as EMS Aviation’s vice president and general manager, reporting to Mackay.

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