Cleaning Landing Gear Can Cause Corrosion, Says Duncan

 - January 27, 2010, 9:07 AM

Aggressive cleaning of aircraft landing gear may shorten the life of landing gear components, according to Duncan Aviation accessory tech representative Jerry Cable. Water, dirt, debris and foreign objects can act as electrolytes, he said, “producing a corrosive environment,” and possibly leading to premature removal of components. Especially risky is washing landing gear with a pressure washer, which, he said, “can make the gear look great, but if not done carefully can sometimes begin the onset of corrosion and cause damage.” If a pressure washer is used for cleaning, the landing gear should always be lubricated immediately after cleaning according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Duncan Aviation also announced that it finished last year having completed airframe inspections on 38 Gulfstreams, from an A check on a G100 to a 5,000-landing inspection on a GIV. Duncan technicians also removed the wing as part of extensive structural repairs on a GII. The Duncan hangars were also busy with the water line ribbon heater upgrade on GIVs, which involves 400 to 600 labor hours and is due on GIVs and GVs by 2011.