First VIP Q400s To Be Outfitted by Field Aviation

 - February 2, 2010, 11:33 AM

Field Aviation will produce and install custom-designed aircraft interiors for two new Bombardier Q400s under a contract with Avitrade Belgium on behalf of its ultimate customer. These executive interior modifications will be the first of their kind installed on the turboprop twin. Modification of the first aircraft will begin this month at Field’s Toronto completion center. The 62-seat economy configuration will be converted to a 28-seat mixed-class layout comprising a four-passenger VIP cabin, complete with custom side ledges and foldout tables, an eight-passenger first-class cabin and a 16-passenger economy section. Delivery is slated for this year. Modification of the second aircraft, to begin in April, will convert the layout to eight first-class seats and 32 in economy. Avitrade’s undisclosed client has also specified a number of high-end interior finishes for each aircraft. These include specialized in-flight entertainment systems, satellite telephones, custom galleys, floor coverings, wood laminates and redesigned lavatories.