Flight Options Pilots Finally Have a Tentative Contract

 - February 4, 2010, 9:48 AM

International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 1108, the union for Flight Options’ 500 pilots, this week announced that it reached a tentative agreement for a first contract last Thursday with the Cleveland-based fractional provider. The agreement comes some four years after the union came on the property and, if ratified, will end years of sometimes acrimonious negotiations. The relationship between the pilots and management changed for the better when company founder Kenn Ricci returned to the helm in July 2008 and vowed to work with the union to hammer out an initial contract. According to Local 1108, the tentative agreement contains several improvements, including across-the-board pay increases, longevity-based salary increases, scope and job security protections, additional paid time off, overtime provisions, an expanded crew basing system and health insurance security. “The new contract will become the foundation for a labor-management partnership at Flight Options,” said Local 1108 president Mat Slinghoff. Union members will vote on the proposed contract next month.