Norwood Airport Closed Due To Flooding

 - March 18, 2010, 11:48 AM

Norwood (Mass.) Memorial Airport is closed to all fixed-wing traffic until further notice due to runway and taxiway flooding. Heavy rain this past weekend caused the Neponset River to send floodwater onto the adjacent airport property, flooding both runways–10/28 and 17/35–and several taxiways. Norwood, a GA airfield that typically sees about 275 operations a day, has been closed since Monday night, and airport officials are unsure when it will reopen. Several Notams have been issued for the airport, advising not only of the closed airport and standing water on the field but also that runway and taxiway lights are out of service. The river was two feet above flood stage earlier this week, but is now some five inches above flood stage. However, a flood warning is still in effect for the Neponset River. Many of the approximately 190 aircraft based at the airport have been left stranded by the flood, and one pilot told AIN that his company’s Cessna Citation “is currently stuck there…thankfully on dry land.” The FAA and airport engineers plan to assess the airport damage before this weekend. A similar situation occurred in 1998, when Norwood was closed for about 10 days due to flooding of the adjacent river.

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