Associated Air Center Delivers Refurbed BBJs, ACJ

 - April 21, 2010, 10:53 AM

Associated Air Center (AAC) recently delivered two Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) as well as its 13th Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ). All three aircraft were redelivered with well appointed interior configurations and included such options as external cameras, moving-map/flight information systems, in-flight entertainment systems consisting of high-definition-capable audio and video-on-demand systems serving several multi-zone surround sound systems. They were also equipped with high-speed data satellite communication systems capable of voice/fax/data transmissions and Internet access. The systems installed on these aircraft included additional potable water tanks, comprehensive cabin insulation systems to provide a quiet cabin environment and a centralized cabin humidifier system. All these items were designed to improve the cabin environment and reduce passenger and crew fatigue associated with ultra-long-range missions. The 17th BBJ completed by AAC was for an Eastern European client with an interior designed by Peder Eidsgaard, a London-based aircraft and yacht interior designer appointed by the owner. The interior of the 18th BBJ, to be based in India, was designed by Alberto Pinto Design, a Paris-based residential, commercial and aircraft interior designer. The company’s 13th ACJ delivery also featured a Peder Eidsgaard interior.