P&WC and FSI To Expand Training Network

 - April 21, 2010, 10:49 AM

A long-term collaboration agreement has been announced between Pratt & Whitney Canada and FlightSafety International to expand the engine company’s global training network capability. “The global expansion of our training capabilities network is another way in which we are working to anticipate the needs of our global customer base,” said Raffaele Virgili, P&WC vice president for customer service. “Through this agreement, we will be physically closer to customers and able to offer a stronger technology-based training curriculum with greater frequency.” For the duration of the agreement, FlightSafety will manage daily operations as well as develop and produce courseware material and provide learning management system capabilities. P&WC will oversee the global customer-training program. According to Virgili, P&WC customers and employees will also gain access to a greater volume and variety of online learning tools as a result of the collaboration agreement. Customer maintenance technicians will also benefit from FlightSafety’s use of full-scale systems trainers, major component cutaways, working models, maintenance task simulators and a large variety of test equipment used to demonstrate procedures and reinforce the information learned in the classroom.